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Virgin Galactic Test Flight

SpaceShipTwo lands safely after gliding down to earth – more than two years since a co-pilot was killed in a previous test.

SpaceShipTwo - dubbed VSS Unity - landing in Mojave, California

A Virgin Galactic spaceship has come safely through a free-flying test above the Mojave Desert in southern California.

Sir Richard Branson was watching as SpaceShipTwo – known as VSS Unity – landed about 10 minutes after detaching from its carrier aircraft.

The carrier – WhiteKnightTwo – also made it safely back to the ground.

It comes more than two years after a man was killed when the first craft crashed during a powered test flight.

An investigation last year by the National Transportation Safety Body found the October 2014 accident was caused by a catastrophic structural failure.

It was triggered when co-pilot Michael Alsbury unlocked the craft’s braking system early.

Mr Alsbury was killed and pilot Peter Siebold seriously injured when the spaceship broke apart – again over the Mojave Desert.

Sir Richard Branson was there to see the test

As this weekend’s test got underway, British astronaut Tim Peake tweeted: “Good luck with this new phase of the test programme @virgingalactic – safe flight #pushingboundaries.”

Sir Richard, the Virgin Group founder, was with Virgin Galactic chief executive George Whitesides as the test was carried out.

The two men were later pictured congratulating Chief Pilot Dave Mackay and Test Pilot Mark Stucky.

The VSS Unity flying over the Mojave Desert

There will be further glide flights, after which the team will check the Unity’s hybrid motor during rocket-powered tests.

Virgin Galactic has said it will begin a commercial operation from Spaceport America in New Mexico “once it believes it is safe to do so”.

It will also need regulatory approval.


Collected: Sky News


Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Review

This is our review of the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier. When I think of Dyson and I think of well-engineered vacuum cleaners or fans. The pure cool is Dyson’s very first purifier but what makes it so unique is that it can be controlled from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. So here is our review.dyson air cool

The Pure Cool looks exactly like Dyson AM07 tower fan but instead of heating or cooling your home it cleans the air. This is due to the HEPA filter that installed in the base. The pure cool link is reported to remove 99.97 % particles as small as 0.33 microns that include pollutants like mould asbestos, older smoke, and even carbon dust. The pure cool is not as wide as other purifiers but it is taller and a 101 cm or 40 inches. It’s well-built and unlike the majority of other purifiers, it’s not a typical big plastic box. Speaking of boxes; inside the box comes three pieces. The top portion which is the bladeless fan, the bottom unit which holds the HEPA filter and remote control. Putting it together is easy just kind of the top of the fan to the base and when you hear it click you are ready to go.

dyson mobile appThe fan oscillates so it can be put anywhere in the room and because it’s so tall it covers the majority of situations. There is not much set up involved either to set it up. Just plug it in the wall and set the levels between one and ten. Noise pollution between levels 14 does not exist. A level 10 is certainly noticeable but not loud enough that you can hear yourself talk. If you are not sure what level to set it, you can use the automatic mode. It will monitor the level of air pollution in your home and turns on the purifier with air quality drops below a certain level.

Does It have a built-in smartphone, no it doesn’t. That would be awkward but it does have an app that lets you control and monitor your air purifier from anywhere in the world using your phone which is available for both iOS and Android.

This is the first Dyson product that offers an Internet of things features. Once connected you can control the purifier from your phone just like the remote you could turn it on and off, change levels between one and ten and set up a schedule or even use night mode which dibs the LED lights and lowers the fan speeds. But the biggest advantage of using the app is monitoring air quality. The actual as you daily and weekly reports of the air quality in your home. There are four different levels of air quality with good being the best and very poor being the worst. Depending on how you set up your pure cool; it will switch on often if you are very sensitive to particles and pollutants. The apps show you daily and weekly reports along with the temperature and humidity levels.filter

Now one thing I did notice is that the temperature is stuck in Fahrenheit with no way to change it to Celsius. In my studio, the air quality was mostly good so an auto mode and only switched on every so often. I also like the fact that the app tells you how many hours are left before needing to change the filter. Each filter last for 4300 hours which equates to about an 180 days if you have it running for 24 hours a day. Unless you have really poor air quality; you can get away changing your filter once per year. If you plan on using the purifier sometimes as a fan just be warned that there is no option to turn off the filter but only reset it. I recommend removing the filter when you leave it in fan mode.

Now the big question how good is the Dyson pure cool purifier keeping the air you breathe nice and clean well. It’s hard to say without doing any scientific testing. But we can say is that it is using the heap of a standard which provides assurance that the air is being clean. I also found a video demonstration that shows the periodical filtering a large box of cigarette smoke within a short amount of time.dyson tower

So here are my final thoughts and I will start with what I liked about the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier. I love the design. It is a fresh take on what an air purifier should look like. In a market full of plastic boxes that work and functions well. I can monitor the air quality, control my Dyson from anywhere in the world allow me to actually see what is happening with the air in my home. The filter is easy to replace and the fact that I could use it as a fan is icing on the cake.

Now here the things that I didn’t like. It is an expensive product. Especially when you compare it to the cost of other purifiers that use the heap of a standard. The filter is made well but it can’t be cleaned which means you have to buy a new one.remote control dyson

The Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier is a great air purifier with the added benefit of being used as a fan. Customers buying this product have to decide whether or not excellent design and smartphone enabled features are worth the extra cost over other air purifiers.

We want to know what you guys think of the Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier in the comments down below.  I want to thank everyone for reading this review. If you enjoyed it feel free to hit that share button.