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This Man Made Tiny Pancakes for His Girlfriend’s Kitten

When Chase Stout’s girlfriend, Kenzie Jones, went out of the city, he was supposed to feed her kitten. He decided to do the cutest thing ever. He texts his girlfriend an important question “Do you know if Wilson likes chocolate chips in his pancakes?” Mr. Wilson is their kitten. His girlfriend replied, “Did you give him one?”

Stout replied, “Would you be mad if I did?”

Jones replied “No lol”


Then Stout shared the picture on Twitter along with the picture of Mr. Wilson enjoying his 3 little flapjacks topped with butter. It was on September 26 and then this picture went on viral with 44,000 retweets and 81,000 likes. Stout’s caption was “When your girlfriend goes out of the town and tells you Don’t forget to feed our cat”

Stout also said I made Wilson’s just like my one with less butter on it. We sat on the table and ate them together. Mr. Wilson seemed to like them but I didn’t want him to eat all of them cause he might get the upset stomach.



Chase Stout Kenzie Jones kitten pancakes