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What Is The Right Time For Your Career Planning

There are always confusions in students’ mind about what is the right time to decide the career. Some think that high school is the right time for it whereas others say that one should wait till college. Although the career planning is a continuous process and it does not take place at once, yet there are important choices that one has to make at right stages of their lives. These small steps taken at the suitable times make a huge impact in long term career development of an individual. This is how one should plan their career at different stages:

Career Planning During High School:

Focus on all the subjects and do well in your academics. One huge dilemma students face when they have to decide their streams after class 10th. The stream is a field in which the students will make their career, in other words, spend their whole life with. Therefore, they should take into consideration – their interests, what they are good at, where they can find the opportunities. One apprehensive way to choose a stream is to use – psychometric assessment tests. These are the scientific tests designed in order to measure the interests, aptitude and skills of the students and they map those traits with the relevant fields.

Career Planning During College:

College is a place to explore. One explores their fields of interests and study to gain more knowledge and expertise in that field. However, choosing your major after class 12th is not all that easy. Once again you can go for psychometric assessments. You can also take experts’ advice on various aspects of the education and career opportunities. During college, you should constantly update yourself about industry trends and the job market. You should equip yourself with necessary skills that are required for different kinds of jobs.

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Career Planning After College:

Education is a never-ending process. Even after you have completed your degree and you are working on your job, you should be looking for new opportunities. If you are not happy with your current job – it’s not too late. In today’s world, there are many opportunities available. You can reconsider your career path, look for different career options and discover an ideal career for yourself. If you are doing well in your profession, you should still aspire to grow.

Career planning is important to get yourself ahead with the right approach and grab the opportunities matching your talent and skills. It’s quite difficult to manage your career alone. You do need career counselling at certain times. The outside opinion from someone who has expertise in that field always helps you. Plan well, take help and succeed – that’s the career mantra.